Fertility Tips for Natural Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is one of the most natural occurrences there is, but it often becomes rather clinical and mechanical when a couple desiring to become parents attempts to conceive a child together. The act of trying to conceive should be just as much fun as sex is when you aren’t trying to have a baby, and the more natural it is, the fewer complications there usually are.

Fertility Tips for Natural Pregnancy #1

If there is one thing nature requires for a woman on how to get pregnant fast, it’s good health. Even though this statement is made repeatedly to young women, many of them regard it too lightly. A healthy body gives the baby a more inviting place in which to grow. A woman with bad habits that affect this growing environment should at least refrain from them for a time before conception and until after the baby is born. Proper nutrition and overall good health are large contributors to a woman’s fertility.

Fertility Tips for Natural Pregnancy #2

A woman has a need for vitamin supplements even when she is not attempting to conceive, so it is doubly important that she take them for some time before and during her pregnancy. Taking the time to check out the various vitamins to determine which ones are the best will ensure that the wrong vitamins aren’t used, which can actually be detrimental to overall health. A doctor’s input is worthwhile for selecting the correct vitamin and mineral supplements.

Prenatal vitamins contain folic acid, which is an important ingredient for women attempting to become pregnant. It is also essential in aiding in the prevention of neural tube birth defects.

Fertility Tips for Natural Pregnancy #3

Avoid using douche if you are trying to become pregnant as it can cause many complications in the body. The use of these products is often associated with pelvic inflammatory disease, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and ectopic pregnancy. The regular use of a douche by women trying to conceive has also indicated that it is a deterrent to pregnancy.

Fertility Tips for Natural Pregnancy #4

There are many herbs that are believed to increase your chances of conception. If you consult with a naturopath, they can give you the types of herbs to use and the suggested quantities. Herbs are much less expensive than fertility drugs and are generally safer as well. It is important to understand how herbs interact with each other and any prescription drugs you take, so be sure to make this information clear to the naturopath.

Fertility Tips for Natural Pregnancy #5

The position of the body both during and after intercourse can have a significant impact on the chances of conception. In the missionary position, placing a pillow under the buttocks allows the natural power of gravity to help the sperm get to the finish line.

Aside from these ways to increase fertility, one of the most important things a woman and man can do during the time they are working on a family is to relax. Stress disturbs the flow of nature’s processes, and it also contributes to poor health. Relaxation is something that most people have to work at because it just doesn’t come naturally, but it can be the factor between failure and success in conception.


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